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Learn about our child birth classesYou might be thinking, “Why would I need to take childbirth classes? I can read all about it. If I have any questions I can look it up on the internet. I can ask my friends. Why pay for a class when I can attend free classes at the local hospital?”

Our great-grandmothers were surrounded by the wisdom of women who had birthed before them. They did not face the same cultural challenges that women face today Our great- grandmothers more than likely delivered their babies at home. Today the majority of women birth their babies in the hospital.

Childbirth classes are designed to give couples confidence in understanding the birth process, dispel fears that are often associated with labor, provide information about possible negative influences of technology on a woman’s ability to give birth safely, equip them with knowledge to avoid unnecessary medical interventions and give them practical skills in caring for their newborn. Most importantly, the classes should give a mom a sense of confidence in her body’s ability to give birth naturally the way she was designed to and how to care for her newborn baby.

Here is a response from one new set of parents who attended a childbirth class: “The classes gave me confidence and a sense of security. I didn’t feel scared or unsure. It gave me a chance to clarify my preferences before I went into labor and the confidence to care for my new baby.”

So what are you waiting for?