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Why A Birth Doula?

The story of one mom & her MCS Birth Doula

Have you ever wondered why someone would want a birth doula? What could you possibly benefit from having an experienced doula by your side during the crucial stages of birth?

Well, below is the story of one MCS mom, Jennifer, and how she benefited from having Lisa as her birth doula. And not just for one baby, but all three!

have a baby in chengdu with a doulaLisa’s constant reassurance and confidence, helped me to trust her

Lisa has faithfully served as my doula for all three of my pregnancies. Through Lisa’s childbirth classes, she passes on her knowledge and equips her students with the skills necessary to have the kind of labor and delivery they desire.

For me, two of my girls were born in the hospital and my youngest daughter was born at home. My youngest daughter came so fast, Lisa delivered her in my living room on the couch. I do not know what we would have done if Lisa had not been with us. Lisa’s constant reassurance and confidence, helped me to trust her with myself and my new baby girl.

Honestly, I don’t know how to have a baby without Lisa by my side, offering me her steadfast support and encouragement.

Jennifer has blogged her birth story for all three of her girls. You can read them on her personal blog, here, here, here.

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