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View resources for giving birth in chengduHave you seen these other resources about giving birth in Chengdu?

The below articles are a must read in you are considering giving birth in Chengdu.

Resources can be hard to come by and usually the best resources come from other families who “have been there and done that”. So, we are collecting links to resources and articles, to help you be better informed.

Online Resources to Help you!

1Chengdu Living

It makes sense that a great source for information on giving birth in Chengdu would be found on one of Chengdu’s number one forums, Chengdu Living! In addition, they currently have a 13 part series on the topic written by Sascha. It is very in depth and covers many aspects of having a baby in Chengdu, from selecting a hospital to a topic on breastfeeding. Another article, Sascha wrote is entitled “The Caesarean Conspiracy“. If you are considering natural birth in Chengdu, we recommend you at least take a look.

Want to read more? Go to the Chengdu Living “Series” page and scroll down to the section titled “Giving Birth & Rasiing in Chengdu

2 Having a Baby in China

This website’s scope far exceeds the city of Chengdu. It is an absolutely fantastic resource for finding information about giving birth in China. Also, there are several submissions that specifically cover giving birth in Chengdu. In addition, they give some hospital listings contributed by other expats in Chengdu. If you would like to contribute your own listing, you can do so here.

Also, they currently list one birth story that is a good read (albeit a bit dated).


How about you?

Do you know of more resources and articles on giving birth in Chengdu that we should post? Please comment below! Would you like to share your own story or experience? Check out this page to write us and tell us your story!