Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, we highly recommend the services that My China Solutions has to offer.

The birthing classes were top notch! We felt like, for the first time, we were equipped to have a healthy, safe, natural delivery. Because of the time that Lisa spent … helping us to learn relaxation and breathing techniques, and giving my husband training on how to be a labor coach, we felt like… we were able to work together and enjoy the miracle of our daughter’s birth in a way we had never experienced it before.

This was our fifth pregnancy and delivery, and never before had we felt so prepared to have a baby.

[Lisa] is a sweet spirit and has helped me beyond words can describe in the motherhood journey. She was with my husband and I when we welcomed our son, she has been there all along. She is our family away from home.

I have met so many moms in Chengdu who she has touched with her love, knowledge and expertise in the birthing process.

I always recommend her to anyone I meet that is expecting or thinking about it.

Faith, Jason & Apollo

MCS was there for the birth of both of our duaghters!

Lisa was a real comfort to us. She was there for us throughout the whole birth. She encouraged us, supported us, and tirelessly helped in anyway she could. Having her by our sides, helped keep us sane and safe!

We could not have asked for a more supportive doula!

  • Charissa: April 2012
  • Natalynn: June 2014
Aric, Rachel, Charissa & Natalynn

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