Doula Services

A doula will empower you to have the best birth experience possible!

Our doulas provide you with continual physical, emotional and educational support before labor, during labor and after you have given birth. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and memorable birth experience.

We care for you every step of the way, helping you through labor pains, relieving your partner when tired, and walking you through any situation that may arise. We provide you the peace-of-mind so that you and your family can relax and enjoy your birth experience.

You may be surprised to find that, having a doula by your side, has a noticeable impact on the/your birth event.


Reduced overall cesarean rate


Reduced use of an epidural


Reduced dissatisfaction with birth


Reduced length of labor up to

Research has shown that women who are accompanied by a doula have:
  • Decreased medical intervention during labor
  • Increased satisfaction with her partner and her birth experience
  • Reduced overall cesarean rate by 50%
  • Reduced use and request of pain medication (epidural) by 28%
  • Reduced dissatisfaction with birth by 33%
  • Reduced length of labor by 25% to 50%

Let us make your birth experience the most enjoyable and memorable time for you!


Ask for one of our Doulas today!

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