Lactation Consulting

Breastfeeding is an exciting part of motherhood!

It allows you to not only give your baby the best start possible but also allows you to bond with with your newborn in a special and unique way.

Perhaps you are wanting to breastfeed your baby but are not confident that you will do it correctly. Maybe you have lots of questions. How do you know if your baby is eating enough? How do you know if you body is producing enough milk?

Breastfeeding your baby is an art that both you and your baby will learn. You will discover that it is a dance between you and your little one as your newborn learns to suckle properly and you learn to relax in order to allow your milk to come in.

Whatever challenges you may face in learning to breastfeed your newborn, our lactaction consultants are available to help with any questions you may have. We will be right there with you to coach you through the journey and help you overcome any obstacles that you face. We want to make you succesful in breastfeeding so that you can give your baby the absolute best!

Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Help in Chengdu

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